Publications » The Site of Painting - Sigrid Sandström - 2013 - Stockholm

Sigrid Sandström – The Site of Painting, Art & Theory Publishing, Stockholm, 2016, monograph

This richly illustrated monograph is the first major introduction to the painting practice of the Swedish artist Sigrid Sandström, where the notion of site as a concept, as well as emotional and physical experience is explored. The ever-changing relationship between a painting and its context, the painter and her surroundings, and the viewer and her conditions are of pivotal concern to Sandström's practice. Her paintings refuse to conform to categories, and continuously explore the ontological conditions and limitations of the medium. The Site of Painting presents the most recent work of Sigrid Sandström with contributing essays by Risa Puleo and Katia Miroff, and an interview with the artist by Zoe Whitley.